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State symbols


Republic's coat of arms :


The coat of arms of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is in the form of a circumference with the following inscription on the outside in Arabic: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria and the following symbols on the inside:

  • In the top, the sun rising on a mountain.
  • In the center, a hand of symmetrical goldsmithery around the second finger, the three central fingers united, the two fingers of the ends ended in dove's beak carrying a branch of olive tree.
  • At the bottom, the crescent and the star.
  • On the right, the electoral urn crowned with three separate corncobs and oak leaves.
  • And on the left, an olive branch with fruits, superimposed with a palm and surmounted by roofs and factory chimneys and oil rigs.


Semantics of the colors of the flag of Algeria

The flag of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is composed of two vertical stripes of equal width, green at the flagstaff and white on the other side, and has a red crescent in the center surrounding a five-pointed star. Each symbol and color is defined as follows:

  • White: symbolizes peace, love and kindness.
  • Green: symbolizes hope for progress and a better future.
  • Red: symbolizes the importance of hard work to achieve prosperity.
  • The crescent and the star : they symbolize that Islam is the main religion in Algeria.

Measures of the Algerian national flag: 90cm * 1,50m

Download photo of the flag of Algeria


The National Anthem

The National Anthem entitled "Qassaman" was conceived during the war of independence. The Algerian poet, Moufdi Zakaria (1908-1977) wrote the lyrics in 1956, while he was incarcerated in the prison of Serkaji- Barbarousse in Algiers.

The musical score has been composed in 1956 by Mohamed Triki and later reviewed by the Egyptian composer Mohammed Fawzi. After the independence of Algeria, on July 05, 1962, "Qassaman" became the national anthem.


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